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Durante estos cinco días te convertirás en un(a) Bukku Teacher, quién sabrá cómo enseñar inglés a niños.

¡Encántalos con gracia y eficacia!

Day 1: Neuroscience - Wed. 8th May



Day 2: Inverted Planning - Thu. 9th May






Day 3: Language Skills - Fri. 10th May


Maria Francisca Kelly Perez

All lessons will be recorded to watch later. The course is in English.

$111.000 Pesos Chilenos
$111 US 


Content: How does the brain learn? How do we acquire a new language? What do we need to know about the brain?

Content: What is inverted planning? Learning objectives and indicators. National curriculum and international curriculum. How to plan with clear learning objectives, proper assessment and a communicative approach for preschool and elementary school.

Day 4: Music and Movement - Mon. 13th May

Day 5: Storytelling and Games - Tue. 14th May

Content: How to develop children's speaking, listening, writing (or pre writing) and reading (pre reading) skills. 

Content: Benefits of music for learning. How to use music in the English class. How to use finger play songs and nursery rhymes. Benefits of body movement for learning. How to use body movement in the English class.

Content: Benefits of storytelling for learning English. How to develop a love for reading. How to tell stories for English teaching and learning. How to teach vocabulary from literature. Play based learning. How to play. Games.


16:45 - 18:00 hrs. Chile - Miami

14:45 - 16:00 hrs. Ciudad de México


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Who´s the teacher?

Francisca Kelly is an English teacher who has become an icon in teaching English to Young Learners. She is the author of 22 books for children and an educational consultant for schools. She has experience in education in Chile, United States, Singapore and Brazil. Her community has become one of the biggest ones in Latin America. She is a fun, enthusiastic teacher who will inspire you to do your best!

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Chica salvaje

Francisca Cabello

This course made me understand how to teach in the best way, even without being bilingual!


Teacher Mom

I could apply the strategies with my students and my daughter. Thank you for this wonderful course.

Avatar 102

Carolina Tellez

Entendí cómo el cerebro aprende un idioma en la niñez y esta es la gran diferencia para poder enseñar en mi clase. Lo recomiendo 100%.

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