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Asesorías y Talleres by  B U


    Ofrecemos talleres para padres y profesores enfocados en la metodología de la enseñanza del inglés a niños a partir de los 3 años. Nuestros workshops son los siguientes:


Niños de escuela

the magic of teaching children

Methodologies for Teaching English to Children

(4 hours - Next Workshop on May 29th, 2021)

In this workshop:


You will have access to a theoretical framework on teaching English which is based on neuroscientific and pedagogical studies. 




You will get to know and put into practice some inspirational teaching practices, such as projects, games and activities that work in the classroom.



You will plan your own English lessons including all that you learned in the workshop. 



Tiempo de cuentos

Educational Storytelling

Using stories and children´s literature to teach English

(2 hours - Next Workshop on May 8th 2021)

In this workshop:


You will participate in a Thinking Routine that will let you decide what makes you a good or bad storyteller.



Along with the Bukku Community, you will come up with a list of characteristics that will make you a successful educational storyteller.

You will learn how to choose the most appropriate storybook to include in your lessons.



You will plan your own English lessons including pre, while and post reading activities.




Hermosa sonrisa

pronunciation workshop

Improve your pronunciation in English with specific

tips and practice

(2 hours - Next Workshop to be announced)

In this workshop:


You will learn about proper pronunciation, what is needed to convey meaning in English and also some tips on teaching Phonics.

You will get to know all the sounds of the English language and we will focus on the sounds that are more difficult to pronounce by Spanish speakers.

You will practice the sounds in context with real life situations.



Storytelling (Cuenta Cuentos en inglés) by U


    Ofrecemos cuenta cuentos en inglés para cursos de preescolar y primer ciclo básico. En estas instancias, normalmente usamos nuestros títulos y de forma entretenida apoyamos el desarrollo de la lengua inglesa que ofrece el establecimiento educacional.

   Algunos de los eventos a los cuales nos invitan normalmente son las celebraciones del Día del Inglés, la Semana del Inglés, El Día del Libro, el Día de la Biblioteca, entre otros.